PROTEC ADR 32 CM Paper Counter

Brand: B.MATIC
Category: Paper Counter

The ADR 32 system keep the keys benefits of Dual System Technology counting  created by B.Matic in 1993 that counts with twin aspiration palettes without corner deformation nor scratching and having the widest counting range on the market.ADR 32 has tripled the counting speed and improved the accuracy on thin sheets thanks to a new mechanical core and the latest generation electronic. ADR 32has been designed and realized to meet the severe standards of currency sheets counting but it is perfect also for the commercial printing, converting and packaging applications. 

1-Sheets friendly counting system, not curling and not scratching the corner. ADR 32 draws on Dual System technology and further improves the contact on the sheets surface under the four following aspects:

A - The mechanical assembly does not rest on the sheets 

B - The counting hands trajectory reaches the sheets edge from the top without touching and without side insertion, therefore without scratching.

C - The ADR 32 does not involve turning pins introduction into the pack.

D - The counting plates  are made of special anti-scratch material.

2-Mechanical group completely redesigned to reach 3.000 sheets per minute also during tab insertion (+200% with respect to the traditional Dual System). 

3-Tab insertion system working accurately at high speed, slowing down the operations for fraction of second only.

4-Optic fibre technology to intercept ,"see" and count in a few microseconds time the sheets aspirated one by one by the counting hands. In the security version a simultaneous cross checking is executed on every counting head.

5-Counting head positioning system driven by optic fibre technology adapting better to deformed surfaces and, unlike competing technologies, keeps a few tenths of millimetres off the sheets without touching, therefore not curling nor scratching the sheets.

6-Rapid and easy adjustment for sheets thickness with "Easy Clips" system to change the counting plates in few seconds 

7-Counting paper, cardboard and plastic sheets, from 40 to 800 μM  thickness (depending on the paper counter models. 

8-Optional pack lifting group with synchronized pushers to relieve the pressure of very thick packs on the mechanical assembly in order to reduce the wear  and vibrations.

9-High resolution wide touch screen with USB/Ethernet connections and SD memory card.

10-Icon interface, modern software with advanced functions and diagnostic tools.