B.matic Pack Mover ADR 32 100

Brand: B.MATIC
Category: Paper Counter

What is it 

The "PACK MOVER ADR 32 100 TH" is an automatic counting machine capable of counting and moving reams of sheets directly from the pile. This model performs the counting and, before moving the ream from the pile, performs a physical check of the counting between the two heads.
The "PACK MOVER ADR 32 100 TH" uses the ADR 32 technology, developed in over 30 years of experience, the only one that does not scratch and does not bend the corner and is able to count a wide range of thicknesses for both paper and plastic sheets.

How it works

1. You program the number of sheets of the ream and other parameters
2. The loading procedure is carried out by inserting the pile of sheets at the center of the input platform through a hand pallet truck.
3. The pre-start procedure is performed by raising the pile to the counting level and setting the size. 
4. When the machine is started via the operator panel, the two ADR 32 heads count on the two corners.
5. Once the count has been completed, a physical check is performed to ensure the "Correct Count".
6. At this point a sophisticated group of grippers moves the ream and shifts it to the delivery station.
In the delivery station, depending on the machine model, the counted reams can be stacked on the pallet and possibly separated with the insertion of tabs, or deposited on a conveyor that conveys them to the next processing station.


• It counts entire pallets of security sheets and divides them into reams ready for packaging.
• It eliminates the hard manual work of loading and unloading reams, which is necessary for counting with traditional sheets counters, which
can often induce pathologies to the operators over time.
• It allows: to check the quantity of sheets present in the warehouse (model with outlet stacker) simplifying the control procedures for the
security and currency sheets; or to divide a pallet of sheets into reams, of a certain and verified quantity, ready for delivery or for subsequent
processing steps like packaging, wrapping, banding or cutting.
• It allows a more rational organization of the warehouse and of the in/out flows of security and currency sheets.
• As a modern sheets counter with state-of-the-art technology, it contributes to strengthening the image of your production plant's efficiency
towards your current customers and / or new potential customers.
• It is an indispensable tool for a modern production plant in the security sector, but also for productions in the converting sector.