B.MATIC F-350 Sheet Counter Machines

Brand: B.MATIC
Category: Paper Counter

F350 is the evolution of the previous F320 model with the well established OCS technology. Improved both ergonomically and
functionally. It accommodates a maximum product size 30mm larger than the previous version whilst being more compact (10
mm less wide and 300mm shorter). The rotatable display offers greater data visibility and a better access to the controls.
F350 is also more flexible, allowing the housing of a greater number of sensors, with external connections for both activation and error



 OCS Technology


 Max sheets counting speed (adjustable continuously)


 Belt replacement time on one singulating assembly

1' 30"

 Product width (min. / max.)

55 / 350 mm

 Product thickness (min / max)

100 micron (80 GSM) / 10 mm (*)

 Magazine height (mm) **


 Sheets Length setting to detect the joint sheets with encoder


 Programming of N° of sheets for batch and of pausing time


 Display with Total counting - Batch counting - Remainder


 Count cycle : automatic


 Connectors for START/STOP and ALARM signals for remote control


 Manual loading and picking of products without machine stop


 Graphic interface with Touch Screen

LCD 3 colours 3.8"

 PLC control unit, frequency driver and motor with encoder


 Dimensions (mm) and weight (kg) ***

620x510x H820(with magazine) / 60kg

 Power supply

230VAC 5A 50/60HZ

* Minimum/maximum thickness accepted may vary with counted products quality and type, please contact us for further information and testing.
** Actual loading capacity function of products type, quality, weight and size.
*** Dimensions and weight of the main counting unit. Actual values may vary.
NOTE: We reserve the right to change some of the above parameters during manufacturing process.