QFM-460C series

Category: Hardcover Maker

Machine that produces the cover part of hardcover books and catalogs. Multi-part (3-5-6) paperboard to serve as the binding material and the edges of the edges of the process.
Due to its sensor control, it changes the position of the cardboard according to the skin which is not in place and adheres the cardboard to the skin at the right point.
Unlike the B series, there are hardware options that can fold the edges of the Quran cover (triangular edge) and similar shaped edges.

Maximum sheet size mm 480 x 830
Minimum sheet size mm 140 x 190
Paper thickness g / m2 80 - 200
Thickness of cardboard mm 1-3
Mechanical speed pcs / min 0 - 30
Machine dimensions mm 7000 x 2100 x 1260
Machine weight kg  3000