SXB400 Semi- Automatic Book Sewing Machine

Category: Book Sewing

SXB400 Semi-Auto Book Sewing Machine is one kind of book binding machines, by which the gathered signatures in paginal order from the collecting machine can be sewed to from book blocks. SXB400 Semi-Auto Book Sewing Machine adopts step less change device, central lubricating system, parallel control spring for sewing frame and has safety guards on all moving parts. Featuring smooth running, low noise, easy adjustment of sewing format and reliable sewing quality, it is widely used for both paper-cover and hard-cover binding.  SXB400 Semi-Auto Book Sewing Machine adopts thick needles, small distance of each needle. It has two kinds of sewing modes: parallel and interlacing. For sewing the thin book sheet parallel mode sewing each sheet thread in the same position make the thread superposed on the book back producing the thread bubbles. To avoid the thread superposed interlacing mode sewing thread position interlace that make the book back more smooth.

Machine has malfunction controlling for shorter sheet, broken thread, rolling book etc. Machine stop automatically after the book filled.

Max. Size                      400 x 300 mm
Min. Size     150 x 80 mm
Number of Stitch Position   11 groups
Stitch length   19 mm
Max. Mechanical Speed    85 Signatures/min
Power of Main Motor     0.75 KW
Overall Dimensions  2150 ×1600 ×1480 mm