Purlux BBY 40/5B Book Binder Machine

Category: Book Binder

BBY40/5B Disc Perfect Binding Machine, an independent binder to be used for perfect binding of books and some magazines, it can facilitate quickly and economically finishing of medium or short runs. It is specially designed for manual feeding of preintegrated book blocks, without connection to processing lines such as auto collating, auto conveying, etc. The flow processes of the machine are: feeding of book block manually, first book block dropping for jogging, milling and notching of the spine, second book block dropping for jogging, spine gluing, side gluing, automatic feeding of cover, scoring and nipping, automatic drop off of book on delivery conveyer.


Max. Book Size 450 x 270 mm
Min. Book Size  120 x 100 mm
Number of Book Clamp  5
Book Thickness 3~40 mm
Machine Speed 900~1800 c/h
Power of Main Motor 1.5 KW
Overall Dimensions  2110 x 1920 x 1280 mm
Weight   1600 kg