Paper drilling machine Durselen PB 10

Category: Paper Drilling

Product description

Flexibility without set-up delay for small runs and frequent change of hole patterns is the main feature of the paper drilling machine PB.10 DoD. All common hole patterns - file hole patterns as well as rows of holes for twin wire binding - are stored in the controller of the machine and recalled at the touch of a button. Additional individual hole patterns can be added at any time.

Two free positioning and independent paper drill heads allow maximum flexibility regarding hole patterns. Dürselen PB.10 DoD covers a wide range of paper sizes. The spine margin can also be selected at the touch of a button because the back stop is motorized and positions automatically. The drill belt as drilling support with automated transport and cooling and lubrication for the drill bits are standard features of the machine.

The on-demand paper drill Dürselen PB.10 DoD is designed especially for paper drilling after digital printing. Easy and ergonomic operation combined with maxiumum flexibility - that means paper drilling on demand.