Cron Conventional UVP 46 Series

Brand: CRON
Category: Conventional CTP

The UPV46 Series of UV platesetters underlines CRON’s philosophy of offering optimum flexibility of use. With a maximum plate size of 1160×940mm, CRON UPV46 products cover the full spectrum of print jobs from B1 to A3+, with full flexibility of plate format down to the minimum of 450×370mm.

In addition to seven models, which allow users to tune production to their individual resolution and throughput requirements, the 46 Series is designed to be modular. A package of advanced ancillaries are available which take the 46 series from a stand-alone manually fed device to a fully automated plate line with online punching, transport and processing.

Model UVP-4616 UVP-4624 UVP-4632 UVP-4648 UVP-4664 UVP-4696 UVP-46128
Laser architecture options – standard power FX+ and GX+ variants  
Laser architecture options – enhanced power FI+ and GI+ variants  
Max plate size 1160×940mm  
Min plate size 450×370mm  
Laser power(to the plate) 405nm semiconductor laser  
Laser channel 16 24 32 48 64 96 128
Imaging resolution 1800/2400/2540/2800dpi (optional 3000/3600dpi)  
Output speed (plates/hr)
9 13 17 23 29 38 47
2400dpi (width:1030mm)
Plate type UV plates  
Plate thickness 0.15~0.30mm  
Registration accuracy 0.01mm  
Auto-loader AL36-200,AL36-500,AL36-50M3  
Max loading quantity 200 / 500 / 50x3  
Dimensions W×L×H:1140×1895×1070mm  
Power supply 1-phase AC 220-240V±5% 50/60Hz 5.3KW  
Condition 18~25℃; RH:20~70%