Cron Conventional UVP 36 Series

Brand: CRON
Category: Conventional CTP

UVP36 Series platesetters

CRON 36 series CTP platesetters provide the perfect answer to print flexibility. With a wide flexibility of plate formats each model can accommodate any print job, from A4 to A1, with ample space for register and trim marks as well as colour bars.

The latest generation lasers, together with patented plate handling technology ensure maximum reliability with fast throughput. With up to 56 plates per hour, UVP 3696 models can keep several different format presses fed with work, optimising press utilization, flexibility and overall productivity.

Each model in the range has laser options designed to match budget requirements and plate specifications. “F” and “G” models have different laser architectures, with “G” models having the latest generation, liquid-cooled technology. Two optional laser power variants of each model (X+ and I+) complete the drive for design flexibility with “I+” versions suitable for higher sensitivity plates. Optional plate feeders and handling systems are available to further automate and streamline production.

Model UVP-3616E UVP-3624E UVP-3632E UVP-3648E UVP-3664E UVP-3696E
Max Plate size 925×670mm
Min Plate size 240×320mm
Laser power(to the plate) 405nm semiconductor laser
Laser channel 16 24 32 48 64 96
Imaging resolution 2400/2540/2800dpi(optional 3000dpi)
Output speed (sheet/hr) 12 17 22 31 38 50
Plate type UV plates
Plate thickness 0.15~0.30mm
Registration accuracy 0.01mm
Auto-loader AL36-200,AL36-500,AL36-50M3
Max loading quantity 50P
Dimensions W×L×H970×1375×1065mm
Net weight 1150kg
Power supply 1-phase AC 220V±5% 50/60Hz 5.3KW
Condition 18~25℃; RH:20~70%