Bosid (Maker) SXB-460D Book Sewing Series

Brand: Bosid
Category: Book Sewing

   SXB-460D book sewing machine is a kind of newest semi-automatic programmable book sewing machine with high performace.

 - Feeding folds automatically,speed display ,counting,recording,separating books by cutting thread and output statistics.

 - Equipped with imported PLC and touch display screen,whole course inspection and controlling on lack folds,missing folds,overfolds,threading break,and jam during running.

 - Frewquency control,stable runing ,low noise and fullyautomatic centralized oil supply,book collecting platfrom lifting auto matically.

 - High quality thread sewing ,automatic book-out mechanism,popular tight needle insecured thread sewing flat and beautiful appearance.

Max Binding size 460x320mm
Min Binding size 150 x80 m
Number of needles 11Group
Needle distance 18mm
Max machine Speed 85Loop / min
Complete machine power 1.1KW
Dimensions 2200*1200*1500mm
Weight 1400kg