Bacciottini Pit Stop 36 Touch

Brand: Bacciottini
Category: Creaser / Perforator

PIT STOP 36 is the automatic perforating & creasing machine with a working width of 36 cm maintaining all the characteristics of reliability and accuracy of any typical machine produced by Bacciottini Group. The standard paper size is 36 x 65 cm, with an optional extension feeder for sizes up to 36 x 85 cm. Designed specifically for print on demand and digital printing the machine is equipped with a creasing kit using adhesive matrix, the suction feed is a continuous non-stop feeder using a rubber suction drum which ensures no marking and perfect performance on a wide variety of stocks. Equipped with a user friendly seven inch colour touch screen display for quick, easy set up of all creasing & perforating operations. Machine is mounted on wheels for easy movement inside a company and helps to maximise space in confined areas. LCD panel version available on request.


Size min/max  cm 8×10 / cm 36×65 (with optional extension feeder 36×85 cm)
Sheet weight 80 a 400 g.s.m.
Programs 20 programs with 20 operations for each program
Min. distance creasing 0,1 mm 
Production 6,000 sheets per hour (A4 with 1 crease)
Power supply 230 Volts 50 Hz single phase
Power requirement 1,5 Kw
Net weight 116 kg
Size 40x65x116 cm
Optionals  perforating kit; extension feeder; standard creasing kit