Cron Thermal Ctp TP-66/72 VLF Series

Brand: CRON
Category: Thermal CTP

The TP46 Series of Thermal platesetters underlines CRON’s philosophy of offering optimum flexibility of use. With a maximum plate size of 1160 × 940mm, CRON TP46 products cover the full spectrum of print jobs from B1 to A3+, with full flexibility of plate format down to the minimum of 450 × 370mm.

In addition to five models, which allow users to tune production to their individual resolution and throughput requirements. “F” and “G” variants of each model have different laser architectures, with “G” models having the latest generation, liquid-cooled technology. A package of advanced ancillaries are available which take the 46 series from stand-alone manually fed devices to a fully automated plate line with online punching, transport and processing.






Plate size

Max 1850 x 1422 mm / Min 650 x 550 mm
(Plate thickness 0.15 - 0.40 mm) 

Laser channel

       32                 48                               64                          96


      8/hr                 12/hr                        15/hr                       21/hr

Power Supply

                     Three phase AC 380V ± 5% 50/60Hz Rated power 10KW


                                           W x L x H: 1500 x 2700 x 1200 mm

Net Weight