Friday, 28 April 2017





Features of DM-340 Numbering and Perforating Machine:
1.It is a special sheet-fed inkjet coder. 
2.It is capable of performing the numbering in lateral and radial space perforate and resin plate printing. 
3.Accurate numbering position
4.Reliable and stable, easy to operate 
5.It is a good choice in the bond securities field
6. It has become the indispensable post-press equipment for high-speed printing.

Application of DM-340 Numbering and Perforating Machine:
As the post-press equipment for offset printer, this numbering and perforating machine is widely used for the numbering of the presswork. 

Specification of DM-340 Numbering and Perforating Machine:

Printing speed 2000—8000s/h
Max. paper size 340×470mm
Max. printing area 310×400mm
Timing mode Frequency inverter
Max. number group 35
Relief printing area 50×470mm
Feed mode Suction
Delivery mode Chain
Feed pile height 400mm
Delivery pile height 420mm
Inking rollers 6 pcs(2 pcs of plate form rollers)
Consumed power 850W
Machine weight 280kg
Dimensions 1235×840×1285mm
Power Single-phase AC 220V/50Hz