Sunday, 30 April 2017




Perfecta L-TS 132/168/225

The L-TS is the first model to use a backgauge linear drive. It provides an almost non-wearing and maintenance-free drive assembly (similar to that of a maglev train). Since the L-TS does not use a leadscrew or conventional drive unit, the maximum traversing rates are not necessarily limited, which, in particular, can be made use of for idle return travelling, with maximum positioning accurancy being always guaranteed.

Advantages of touch screen

  • Quick, easy and clearly arranged operator prompting by only-functions - only those keys will appear that are in question
  • Simple programming, even of complex cutting functions, through full graphic representation as well as video-like display of the entire cutting process (all working steps) for easy operational control
  • Clear-text display in your native language with three more languages being selectable
  • No tiresome change of glances between the screen and the keyboard
  • Radiation and flicker-free screen, the coloured version being standard

 USB stick

Through USB sticks, an unlimited number of programmes and innumerable new possibilities are available to you: a large library of your own cutting programmes, data transfer among machines, time-saving taking over of prepress data (see CIP), memory extensions, and software upgrades. Creating optimum custom programmes in a quick, efficient and error-free fashion 
Programming is supported and speed up by firmly integrated DIN formats from A0 to A10, freely selectable E0 to E19 custom formats, repeating programmes, and by a teacher function for the permanent storage of manually entered sequences - at almost unlimited memory capacity (up to 30 000 programmes). Peripheral units can be driven directly. Easy operation 
Perfecta gives operators time to go back to their original task of quality control. Because compilcated functions and multifunction keys have been simplified. All steps are easy to learn and particularly quick to operate, with the on-line help being as informative as never before. So it prompts you through the programming as a built-in operator's manual. Safety at any case 
Perfecta high-speed guillotines bear the official German GS Safety Certification Mark awarded by the Trade Association and are put to the most severe testing for quality, safety and design. Perfecta has developed the optimum safety package - the High Security Cutting System (HSCS) that is standard on all Perfecta guillotines. Those who are familiar with one of them will master them all ! 

Function keys and operating sequences are, to the maximum possible extent, the same for the machines of any Perfecta series - parallel working on several machines, or the introduction of new machines are thus very easy to master.