Tuesday, 21 November 2017

BILGIMAK - Press & Graphics Machines and Supplies

CTP, Offset Printing Machines, Screen Printing Machines, Numbering Machines, Binding Machines Laminating Machines, Paper Collator Machines, Paper Folding Machines, Digital Label Printing Machines ...


BILGIMAK  offers  solutions  for  all  processes  that covers  prior  to  press, press, and other 
after - press  solutions.  We are able  to  provide  all  equipments,  machines,  tools  and  units
you need in a wide range, completedly.
The one, who works consumer relationships oriented,  and never does sell neither a machine
or equipment which He can not cope with about supporting processes, BİLGİMAK is a branch
of well-known  trade - marks,  that are experienced on conditions in Turkey and have already
proved  their success, is a distributor of Turkey Region for some brands and Ankara ( capital
of Turkey) for some others.
For the products you are interested, you are welcome to visit us and our references.